The Pros & Cons of In-House Paintless Dent Repair

November 7, 2019

Paintless dent repair is a repair option worth considering for auto body shop managers. Whether or not your shop is in an area that gets hit regularly by hailstorms, PDR is a relatively inexpensive way of repairing dents in vehicles. While it is likely that your future and existing customers will appreciate a less expensive option to repair dents, it is important for collision repair shops to evaluate their own cost benefit of setting up PDR in-house.


The major factors in considering setting up PDR in a body shop include:

  • Access to a PDR-trained technician
  • Owning the correct PDR equipment
  • Having a well-lit space specifically for PDR repairs in the shop
  • The amount of jobs that could use PDR

In many cases, it boils down to the last point — demand. If hailstorms rarely occur in your area, your shop may specialize in other repairs. It may even make more sense to outsource PDR to another company, in which case will need to consider the cost of transporting cars offsite.

Overall, setting up PDR in your shop can attract a lot of customers. Here at Carwise, your body shop’s profile page can indicate whether or not you offer PDR to those in your area requiring PDR services. Weigh your options, and consider if PDR is right for your shop.